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Engagement Portrait Session


We understand that many people are apprehensive about having their photograph taken which is why all of our wedding packages include a free engagement portrait session (EPS). The EPS normally takes place about a month before your wedding day at a location of your choice and usually lasts around an hour. It is an ideal opportunity to get to know one another and for you to ask any questions which you have.


The shoot is very informal, relaxed, and tailored towards your requirements and personalities. During the shoot we will give advice on how to stand and interact with one another but at no point will we ask you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Together we will look at many examples of poses and choose the ones which you like and feel comfortable doing. The EPS is a great way to distance yourself from the pressures of everyday life and spend some quality time with one another. During the session we will capture your love for one another and offer two free 12 x 8" prints to remember the day by.


We recommend that the EPS does not take place at your wedding venue because it can otherwise make your wedding day photographs feel rehearsed. If you would like us to recommend a location we would be happy to do so. The most important thing when choosing what to wear for your EPS is comfort. We suggest that you choose something which is practical for the time of year and weather which you also feel comfortable in. If you feel relaxed and comfortable then the photographs will reflect this. You could perhaps choose something which reflects your personalities or one of your favourite pastimes such as dressing for a romantic autumn walk. We also suggest wearing clothes which compliment each other in terms of style and colour.


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