Mike & Claire Bridgman

From the moment that we hired Shared Earth Photography for our wedding day we received outstanding professional service. Mike took the time to get to know us, the location and the style of photography we wanted for our special day. We loved the results! Both photographers produced a fantastic quality of picture yet remained discreet throughout the day. As well as taking the photographs we requested, the photographers thoughtfully took candid photos of us and wedding items such as favours, table arrangements and more. We couldn't have asked for a better wedding photographer and wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.

Jean James

I thought that this was a wonderfully and professionally presented website with some really inspiring pictures. The photographs brought out the beauty of the birds and plants. I also thought that even the buildings have a gentle feel and a grace of design. I look forward to more pictures.

Emma Williams

Stunning pics all round and really professional. Well done! A website to be proud of.

James Clarke

I really knew very little about photography, only knowing that i like taking pictures! Nothing on how to get better shots, placement or the ever scary million and one camera settings, after spending some time both via E-mail and in person Mike talked me through my old cameras settings and how to improve my shots, plus some of the basics to photograhy such as the rule of thirds and the like. He also advised me on a new camera, what would be best for someone of my skill level, which was great as i found it very scary for a beginner, it could of been a lot of money for something i knew very little about. It took another trip out for me to get my head round the new camera but with Mike's knowledge base and calm, clear instruction i feel my pictures have really come on, so much so im going to be booking some leasons in for my Ol'man as through me he has become inspired to take some better shots.


I am truly grateful for your gorgeous website and your generous explanations. What a delightful surprise. I visited every word and photograph.

Home Decorating

I love your site. I would like to come here again, thank you for shared information.